Michael G. Hickey, the oldest of eleven children, received a BA from the University of Arizona, 1987, and an MFA from the University of Washington, 1992. He is a tenured professor of creative writing at South Seattle College.

In 2009, he was elected Seattle’s Poet Populist. In addition to widely publishing creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, he has served as a writing volunteer for children at bereavement camps, youth offenders at King County Youth Detention, and prisoners at the Monroe Correctional Complex.

His first book of poetry, In Defense of Eve, was published by Good Egg Press in 1999. He has won numerous awards for teaching, writing, and union leadership, and he lives with his wife and two sons in West Seattle.

He has recently published two books: “Counterclockwise: A Novel” and a book of poetry, “A Dress Walked By With a Woman Inside.”

His motto is to “work hard and have fun.” His life goal is to “take over the world 28 students at a time.”

You can contact him on Facebook or by email at mghickey at gmail.com


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