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              Audit report, as an important factor to understand an enterprise's operating results, is a powerful help in participating in international competition. What principles do book translation companies have for auditing report translation?


              1. Strictly abide by the Convention of the translated text


              On the basis of thorough understanding of the original text, the auditor chooses the corresponding vocabulary to ensure the authenticity and objectivity of the audit report to the greatest extent.


              2. The name of the unit must be translated accurately and the phenomenon of arbitrary modification, replacement or errors should be eliminated.


              3. Numbers, dates and accounting signatures must be accurate. The date shall not be earlier than the date of signature of the auditee.


              4. Ensure the integrity and professionalism of audit reports.


              Audit report translation should strictly follow the original audit report, accurately and correctly reflect, do not misinterpret views, do not change the judgment conclusion, otherwise, it will affect the fairness of the original audit report due to subjective errors.


              5. Use polysemy accurately.


              In the translation of audit reports, polysemy often occurs in the words of report and translated text. Translators should carefully analyze the context and strictly compare the content of the context to achieve a reasonable interpretation of the content of the translated text resources and ensure the professionalism of auditing language translation.


              6. The format of audit report is particularly important. It can not be modified without authorization, and its integrity must be guaranteed.


              7. The translation of opinions in audit reports should be legitimate and accurate, because it can enhance the legitimacy and authority of the translation text of audit reports.


              Audit report has the function of proof, which can prove the performance of CPA's audit responsibility. Because of its nature and use, the translation of audit report requires very professional and rigorous terminology. Audit report is a written report that auditors make an objective and impartial evaluation of the financial revenue and expenditure, economic benefits and compliance of the audited units after reviewing the accounting records and other relevant economic data of enterprises and institutions, and write out the results of the examination, the treatment opinions and the improvement opinions.


              Therefore, the translation of audit reports must be handled by professional translators. Translators must also carefully grasp the genre characteristics of audit reports. They must have relevant industry education background. Experienced translators will master a large number of cutting-edge industry terms and be familiar with the content and translation process of audit reports, so as to ensure the quality of audit report translation and meet the needs of customers.

            China International Translation service Co., Ltd.

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