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              Interpretation and translation is an important field of translation, which requires the translator to have a solid translation ability, as well as the ability to adapt to changes. Now Beijing Translation Company will tell you what are the taboos of interpretation and translation.


              1. Notes play a very important role in interpreting and translation work, but when taking notes, we should also pay attention not to be greedy, remember that too detailed will lead to the later content too late to remember; we should know that notes do not need to take too many notes, as long as we record some important names, numbers, logical relations, content.


              2. The pause time of new words is too long. It is impossible to finish the whole text by staying at the new words, which is equivalent to picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelon.


              3. Stay at long sentences. Sometimes the sentences spoken by the speaker are too long, but they can be summarized by a sentence translation. Therefore, in the process of interpreting, it is not necessary to carefully analyze subject-predicate-object clauses and so on. It is only necessary to express the meaning of the original text clearly.


              4. Many people speak with an accent. If they are not familiar with it, it will be difficult to understand the meaning expressed by the speaker. Therefore, interpreters should properly understand the accents of different places in order to meet the needs from time to time.


              5. To be prepared in advance, we must not be unaware of the key points and general contents of the whole interpretation; then translation will be very hard, and the unprepared battlefield is still a certain distance from success.


              6. Many novices in interpreting and translation are not familiar with vocabulary and tend to be nervous. They constantly correct their grammar of new words, which not only delays everyone's time, but also may not be able to express clearly.


              7. Interpretation and translation does not require workers to understand every word, but to express the general meaning clearly.


              8. Interpreters can't overcome their inner tension. It's easy to make mistakes when you're nervous, and it's easier to make mistakes; such a vicious circle is absolutely necessary to avoid, and we need to find our own way to overcome the tension.


              9. The interpreter feels that the translation is not good at the beginning, which affects the mood behind him. This is absolutely necessary to avoid. Maybe he has not adapted to the translation at the beginning, so he can adjust it slowly.


              10. Interpreters always want to make a surprise in the process of translation. They always hope to translate better in a single sentence with the idea of never-ending surprise. In this way, they may miss or miss the translation.


              Above is the taboo that Beijing Translation Company shares with you in interpreting and translation. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can watch other articles on this website.

            China International Translation service Co., Ltd.

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